Thursday, June 16, 2011

RFA Largs Bay (L3006)

RFA Largs Bay (L3006) was launched in July 2003 at Swan Hunter Wallsend and was delivered in April 2006. It entered service in December 2006. The large vehicle deck is directly accessible by the stern ramp and the side ramp. The vehicle deck can accommodate 24 Challenger 2 main battle tanks or more than 150 light jeeps. The vehicle capacity is 1,200 linear metres, three times larger than existing landing ship logistics (LSL) vessels. A floodable dock capable of operating one LCU mk10 utility landing craft is installed in the stern. A Mexeflote is secured to each side of the ship. The ship can also carry and operate two LCVP mk5 vehicle / personnel landing craft. (Photo: Australia DoD)

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