Sunday, December 26, 2010

HMAS Gawler (FCPB 212)

The Royal Australian Navy's (RAN) patrol boat HMAS GAWLER sailed in to her home port of Darwin today for the last time. She has been in service for 23 years, having been launched in July 1983. HMAS GAWLER has covered over 600,000 miles during her career, visiting 19 different countries. The decommissioning is due to the introduction of the Navy's new Armidale Class patrol boats. Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Gavin Baker said, "Although it's sad to see her go, the new Armidales represent a massive step forward in technology which can only be a good thing." The patrol boat has been involved in over 800 boardings in support of Australian sovereignty, as well as being on hand for humanitarian missions. In May 2004, GAWLER rescued a sailor who had gotten into trouble on his private yacht off northern Australia and then towed the vessel back to port. She is the second RAN ship to bear the name GAWLER. The first was a Bathurst Class corvette, which saw active service in WWII. (Photo: Australia DoD)

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